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In this newest THEORY segment I celebrate a year of JOY!   I share my thoughts on TIME, how it is spent no matter what, and some new fun things in store for JOY in its second year. Also, there will be cake. Give a listen, it's a good one.Thanks for being here.This has been JOY IS NOW with me, Lisa Anderson Shaffer, LMFT. You can find me for hire at LISAANDERSONSHAFFER.COM and join the patronage support for this podcast and my daily practice journal, THESE THREE THINGS at You can also follow along with my musings at @lisaandersonshaffer on Instagram. A special thanks to my affiliate friends at OSEA - the makers of clean seaweed skincare. Save 10% on your OSEA purchase with this special link and code JOYISNOW10. ...

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