Psychotherapist, author, and fine artist Lisa Anderson Shaffer is best known for her innovative coaching and consultation work and psychologically minded podcast, JOY IS NOW. Her popular ongoing photography project + book THESE THREE THINGS was published by Running Press in 2018 and continues daily with enthusiastic participants across the globe.  

As a licensed psychotherapist, Lisa provides consultation and coaching to individuals and businesses through a creative and psychoanalytic lens. She specializes in brand project development, helping creative thinkers and small business owners thread together experience, talent and passion, to create projects that increase growth, support brand mission, and further cement expertise in their field. 

Lisa began her career as a psychotherapist in 2003, specializing in working with families and adolescents in acute crisis. Later, while in private practice, she also held the position as director of counseling services at a small private college helping students manage the normal stressors and developmental concerns of college life.

Lisa remains an expert in early to late adolescent childhood development and family systems, as well as a leader in group theory and practice. She considers her most informative work experience her training at an inpatient adolescent psychiatric hospital. Working with patients in the throes of the most acute mental health crises continues to deeply inform her perspective and breadth of understanding of the human condition. It also deepened her knowledge and  appreciation of psychoanalytic theory, of which she enthusiastically shares on her weekly podcast.  

Lisa currently puts her psychological expertise to use as a coach and consultant, helping businesses and creatives grow, thrive, and leverage expertise through successful brand projects. Her consultation work pulls from her own success across multiple media platforms and her expertise and experience in group and system dynamics, focusing on projects that elevate corporate culture and communication, boost creativity and ingenuity, manage rapid growth, and promote compassionate customer service. 


Lisa holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a MS in Clinical Psychology from San Francisco State University.  She is a former 3-time California Arts Council Artist in Residence Recipient, along with an Academy of Handmade Awardee for Best Artist in Needlework. 

Her collection of modern fiber jewelry designs for ZELMA ROSE can be found in brick and mortar and museum stores around the world. Lisa's fine art photography is developed from a desire to isolate beautiful and unusual natural found objects and family heirlooms to better appreciate their narrative. Her photography captures objects in a field guide like style under a "microscope" of light and examined vulnerability. 



Lisa Anderson Shaffer currently resides and works in the mountains of West Marin County, California. 

You can listen to Lisa in the studio as a guest on CRAFTish with host, Vickie Howell, Raise Your Hand, Say Yes with host Tiffany Han, Close Knit with host Ani Lee and most recently Dear Handmade Life with host Nicole Stevenson. 


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