Embrace the Creative Roller Coaster

Being a creative professional is both a formidable challenge and an extraordinary gift.

With a passionate spirit and an inspired perspective, it's entirely normal for creative individuals to navigate through moments of overwhelming inspiration and frustrating blocks. Creativity can often feel like a thrilling roller coaster ride. 

Revolutionize Your Creative Process

These challenging phases of the creative process are not adversaries to be battled but rather opportunities to dive deep and extract their potent essence. Rather than resisting them, embracing these moments allows us to harness their transformative power. When we enter the creative process from a place of sovereignty we can revolutionize the way we work, contribute, lead, and live as the wildly creative powerhouses we truly are.

I’m here to show you how. 

My mission is to assist creative professionals like you in honing your craft, cultivating your genius, and achieving success and fulfillment in your work.  I guide you towards infusing ease, collaboration, and freedom into your creative process and artistry, enabling you to stay in flow and work smarter, not harder. 

If you have found the usual methods to avoid creative blocks to be ineffective, you are in the right place! Addressing the inner critic, imposter syndrome, journal writing, list making, and the standard set of tools implemented by coaches, while sometimes helpful in the short term, do not get to the root of the problem. 

The good news is, not only do I know where to start to restore your creative flow, but I will teach you how to maintain it!

Creativity is not magic, it’s maintenance.

You can control your creative process! 

Your Guide to Creative Success

Drawing upon my extensive 25 year career as a creative professional, along with my background as a former licensed psychotherapist, entrepreneur, author, and Human Design Guide, I've developed a holistic approach specifically tailored to creative professionals. By integrating Human Design and Energy Work, I empower you to stay in flow and move creative blocks with ease in order to cultivate a productive and inventive creative process, resulting in groundbreaking ideas, competitive products, and original concepts in the marketplace.

Through my guidance, you'll unlock your full creative potential, overcome obstacles that impede your flow, make aligned decisions in both your creative process and creative projects, and tap into an endless well of genius, all while experiencing greater ease and purpose than ever before.

The true impact of Mentorship is freedom. You are able to finally part with the worry and stress of maintaining flow and preventing creative blocks and focus on being the incredible creative force you are! 

Diverse Professions, Shared Curiosity

While my clients come from various professions, they all share a common creative trait - they approach their work through the lens of curiosity and imagination. Some of the professionals I've had the privilege to work with include:


  • Physicians and nurses
  • Actors
  • Writers
  • Creative Directors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Metalsmiths and jewelry designers
  • Hair stylists
  • Psychologists
  • Lawyers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Fine artists
  • Corporate executives
  • UX Designers
  • Publishing professionals
  • Coaches
  • Musicians
  • Video Game designers
  • Acupuncturists


Creativity is not Magic, it’s Maintenance

My Mentorship program is a dedicated ongoing commitment lasting at least six months, featuring weekly (most effective) or biweekly virtual meetings. Pricing starts at $250 per hour. Additionally, for those seeking creative executive leadership mentorship, I offer a weekly retainer option.

For Groups and Creative Departments

Within organizations, I work with both large and small groups, as well as providing guidance to executive leadership teams and individual creative departments in larger companies.

From individualized Human Design Readings for team members to guided meditation, I provide useful and immediately actionable tools to empower creative professionals to better understand their inherent strengths, allowing them to harness their creative energy to the fullest, optimize flow states, break through blocks, and lead with integrity and ease. Contact me here to invite me to guide your team. 

Start Your Creative Journey Today

Feel free to reach out to me here to arrange a free information session and Q&A about Mentorship to explore if we are a suitable match. I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you on your creative journey.