As a licensed psychotherapist, I have been providing business consultation, coaching, and management guidance to creative businesses and entrepreneurs for nearly a decade. Working through a creative and psychoanalytic lens, I specialize in bringing joy to corporate culture, encouraging increased creativity and ingenuity, smoothly managing rapid growth, and compassionate communication and customer service. 

Businesses are groups. And by nature, groups are a hot mess. As a business, you likely operate within multiple groups. From departments and executives, to the critical supportive staff that keep your business environment clean and ready for work, it is the communication of these multiple groups all at once, that represent your corporate culture. 

The groups within your business, whether large or small, believe in YOU. They are leaving their primary group - family, partner, pets, to join your group and work on YOUR dream. They deserve JOY. And the JOY begins with YOU. 

The health and strength of any business starts at the top. Joy, along with dysfunction flow from leadership to all groups within the business. Dysfunction can manifest at any level and is influenced by the degree of joy and compassionate communication among the decision makers. 

Integrating regarded analytic group theory (Bion and Hinshelwood), along with modern approaches (Kotler and Csikszentmilhalyi), we work together to analyze your business as a living, breathing system from top to bottom. Application of these theories, combined with a tailor made strategy will shift your business and teams toward a place of increased joy, creativity, communication, and growth. 

I work with clients and teams in many different ways. It is essential that each approach be specific to the needs and goals of the client. For that reason, I offer services ranging from in and out of office retreats, ongoing coaching and consultation, retainer, as well as 6 month to year long residencies. To discuss elevating your corporate culture with me, send inquiries to lisaandersonshaffer@gmail.com



I often like to compare psychology to gravity. Just because we do not acknowledge it, doesn't mean it is not hard at work influencing every single thing we do. Imagine how different life would be without gravity? Setting goals and intentions without acknowledging psychology is like pretending there is not a force stronger than us holding us to the earth's surface. Sure, you can do it, but you'd be missing one very essential factor that will influence absolutely everything. The key to success in achieving your personal and professional goals is to take a psychologically minded approach.  True long lasting success and ambition is best served by an approach that emphasizes action and a well informed perspective on human behavior. Not only does my approach help you achieve your immediate and long term goals, but it also educates you along the way, making for more sound and better informed choices in all aspects of your life now and moving forward. Together we set goals, take action, and move forward in ways that can only be achieved when we take a psychologically minded approach. 

I work with individual clients on an ongoing weekly basis as well as project specific timelines and retainer. We meet primarily virtually via Zoom along with email communications. To discuss starting your next big idea with me, send inquiries to lisaandersonshaffer@gmail.com



The first week of graduate school, the director of my program announced that if we ever thought we weren't green in this profession we better reevaluate. Hard to hear the first week of what would end up being a long and committed timeline to a singular professional focus. But, she was right. Approaching a helping profession with a continuing curiosity and thirst for knowledge is the best service we can provide our clients.  One of my passions is helping fellow psychotherapists, counselors, healers, helpers, and service industry professionals discover new perspectives in how we work with clients. As an educator and consultant I work with professionals one on one and in a group setting explore psychoanalytic, developmental, and group theory and themes to promote professional growth and become better, helpers. 

To discuss upping your game with me, send inquiries to lisaandersonshaffer@gmail.com



The characteristic most essential to psychology is also the most surprising. It's not personal. Amazing, right? How could the study of the mind and human behavior be anything but personal?! And yes, in truth, psychology is very personal, but when it comes to understanding our interactions and relationships with others, our reactions and responses have so much more to do with what's going on inside us than the people and circumstances we are relating to. How is this so? It's called history. We are all wearing our past every moment that we are in the present. Some of us better than others. Nowhere does this become more complicated than in groups. And family, for better or worse remains our primary and most important group.  As a developmental specialist, I help families find joy by focusing on the present while acknowledging the past. Using a systems approach we develop more authentic emotional communications, separate the fact from feeling of family conflicts, and help self-advocate on behalf of school related challenges and concerns. 

I work with families primarily as a developmental educator, either one one one or in a group/community setting. To learn more about the awesome and amazing strengths and challenges of your family, send inquiries to lisaandersonshaffer@gmail.com