J O Y   I S   N O W   P O D C A S T

Joy is Now podcast with Lisa anderson Shaffer

Hi Friends, I'm Lisa Anderson Shaffer - alchemist, business mentor, Human Design Guide, psychotherapist, and resident psych enthusiast. And I LOVE psychology! It's the study of human behavior after all and isn't that pretty much everything? Psychology is the one thing that we all have in common, yet we don't talk about it nearly as much as we should. That's where JOY IS NOW comes in. 

Join me weekly for an in depth look at all things psychology. Together we will talk psych theory, emotion, and human behavior, all through the sharing of stories, experiences and lessons learned to help us all be better to ourselves and each other. Joy is truly now when we can approach life and relationships with curiosity, empathy, and adventure!

JOY IS NOW includes a rotation of three fun and inspiring episode segments. The first segment is THEORY, where I share clinical thoughts and expertise regarding a favorite psychological theory.

The second segment is THESE THREE THINGS, where a guest discusses three life lessons in the style of my popular book and ongoing daily practice project, THESE THREE THINGS.

And the third segment is EMOTION, featuring a conversation around a guest's emotion of choice, including personal stories and clinical theory. For transcripts of all EMOTION segments, please visit my ENPSYCHLOPEDIA BLOG here. 

Together we will learn, grow, change, and find joy and opportunity in the triumphs and challenges of the human condition.

Whether you are striving to be a more perceptive leader, and more empathic parent, or a more intimately connected partner, psychology teaches us all how to be our best selves alongside each other.

Sounds fun, right?

Thanks so much for being here.



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