J O Y  I S  N O W  S E A S O N  1  C O N C L U D E S

I honestly don't know why this podcast had to happen. I am still a bit uncertain as to why, but I've learned that if I am bursting at the seams with something, I just need to make it happen. Not worrying about the success or outcome of these endeavors is still a struggle. And then there's the question, how do we measure success? Still chewing on that one in all the ways. 

What I do know is that I LOVE psychology. And I really enjoy talking about it. With everyone. What I love most about this podcast and how it started, is the framework. The gathering of guests and the subject matter positions us all as experts. We all have lessons that have helped move us through celebrations and grief, and we all experience emotion. Each of us is an expert on our own life. We all have something of value to share and these stories, these conversations, become an offering of what we have living inside us. And that is a beautiful thing to share. 

I am so proud and incredibly grateful to those who have been brave enough to join me as guests. And it is a brave thing. To talk about what is meaningful. What we know, what we don't. And mostly to trust. It is a vulnerable thing.  And those of you who have shared your story, thank you.

Perhaps the biggest gift we can give, is to share a look within. To allow others to see what can only be grasped if we open up. Even just a little bit.

I am so excited for SEASON 2 and I am happy to say I have an incredible line up of guests already! Recording spots are filled up through August, but if you are interested in being a guest, respond to this email. I plan on recording through September. 

JOY IS NOW will be on break after this week's episode. I will return April 25th with a fun episode with my friend Christina Loff, who is returning after SEASON 1 to play host and ask me the questions! 

Please consider taking this time over the next few weeks to leave a review for the podcast, share the podcast with friends on social media, and leave a review for my book on Amazon. All these things help people find the podcast and join the JOY.

Thanks for believing in me. 

I believe in you.


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