This week I want to dive a little more deeply into today’s JOY episode. I talk about the messy parts of process, making process not so precious and my own professional evolution from fine artist to psychotherapist to alchemist. Yeah, I’m surprised too. But alchemist feels the most true of all of those things. A bridge between the data driven scientist and the wildly creative fine artist. I’m not one or the other, but a third thing in between. And that place is a wilderness I have come to really love.    I have struggled so deeply to settle into this bridge. This wilderness. To be this third thing in between. I share in detail on the podcast, so I...

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It's likely that work looks a little different for you than it did two years ago. Even essential and frontline workers who have been tirelessly keeping our country going day in and day out, have seen changes changes. Whether it is change in uniform or dress, rules, location, or level of patience required, there has been a shift around work for many of us. And many of us through those changes have chosen to resign and find different work altogether. And collective trauma and grief will do that. There are few things that can move us to reflect and change like trauma and grief. They require a great reckoning.    With so much attention being placed on work, where we...

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