This week marks the end of JOY IS NOW Season 3. There is a lot to say about this JOY adventure and I make a few surprising announcements on the podcast today, so I wanted to share them here too. In words because sometimes words just hit different.    Here we go!   I think it's safe to say that the last 3 years have been, well, interesting. I guess that’s a pretty optimistic perspective. How about shit storm, cluster fuck, dumpster fire? That seems more fair. Time has become a really strange concept. I’m not sure if you feel that too. There were many days that moved so slowly. I was so, so scared. More recently though, it feels...

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This week I want to dive a little more deeply into today’s JOY episode. I talk about the messy parts of process, making process not so precious and my own professional evolution from fine artist to psychotherapist to alchemist. Yeah, I’m surprised too. But alchemist feels the most true of all of those things. A bridge between the data driven scientist and the wildly creative fine artist. I’m not one or the other, but a third thing in between. And that place is a wilderness I have come to really love.    I have struggled so deeply to settle into this bridge. This wilderness. To be this third thing in between. I share in detail on the podcast, so I...

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