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I recently spoke with someone who would really benefit from therapy. Nothing is in crisis, but they have been repeating the same pattern over and over again and they finally started to think that maybe this behavior doesn't serve them anymore. And maybe it is holding them back. Hopefully this illumination happens to all of us. This realization is hard. Change is hard, but if we are not changing then we aren't really living.  So let's hope for the hard stuff every now and then.    I’m not sure this individual will ever go to therapy. And I’ve done what I can to try and facilitate the process. I’ve been an outspoken therapist and I have shared with them about...

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Let’s talk diagnosis. But first, let me backup a bit.    I receive the most wonderful questions from JOY listeners and readers of this newsletter. Y’all are really paying attention and few things make me happier than answering your questions about psychology. What I didn’t know was going to happen when I started JOY, was that I would get asked quite frequently for my take on things that are floating around the psychological ether. Kind of like a myth buster.   Here’s what that looks like. A DM of a post on social media that just doesn’t sit right with you. What do you think about this Lisa? Is there any truth to this? I call bullshit. Thoughts?    And...

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