THE DECONDITIONING OF SCHOOL   Welcome to another Brick in the Wall part two. Thanks to everyone who responded with your shared school experiences. School is great and weird and exciting and also horrible. Being part of a school group is a very large part of our lives, especially at our most impressionable and vulnerable.  We are but children participating in an experience roughly 7 hours a day 5 days a week 9 months a year. It’s a big deal and most of the time we really do not consider it as such. Before we get into the specifics of my contemplations here, I want to share some data.    I love data.    I decided out of my own...

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THE DECONDITIONING OF SCHOOL   School was never my favorite place. Although, in my lifetime I’ve managed to spend nearly 24 years in school, practically back to back from preschool through graduate studies. Add professional licensure and that’s about 3 more years. I’m a few months shy of my 47th birthday, so that equates to more than half my life that has been organized around school. I’m not unique in this math and simply put, that’s an enormous amount of time for anyone to do anything.    I love learning, but what I have come to understand from my own experience combined with years working in schools as a psychotherapist is that school and learning are two completely different things....

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