Welcome to the final installment of my Human-Centered Systems Thinking project! I'm excited to share this final phase. Thanks so much for all your questions! Keep sending them my way, I'm always happy to chat systems with you!    This final part of the project involves dissecting stakeholder interviews to discover a point of leverage for change. Leverage points can be found in many places within systems but when it comes to possible prototyping solutions to complex problems, leverage points that offer the opportunity for high impact and ease of implementation are key.    After evaluating potential leverage points for change, I determined that experimenting with feedback expectations in the classroom met both the requirements for impact and ease of...

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Every once in a while the internet delivers. I happen upon something through a random trail of breadcrumbs from link to link that tickles me so deeply I want to take to the streets and cheer the world wide web. And the idea of the Presentology Society did just that. I hope it is an actual club. I propose we get embroidered satin jackets.    The following is a quote from big thinker and systems pioneer Russell Ackoff.  I cannot stop thinking about it.    "I have no interest in forecasting the future, only in creating it by acting appropriately in the present. I am a founding member of the  Presentology Society."   Are you ready to become a Presentology...

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