I've written here before about not being able to write. How it can feel frustrating, liberating, stuck, or a movement. And for whatever reason this month, I had nothing. 
Actually I had something, but that something took priority over the rush of energy I usually have for writing. Instead of making time for writing this month, I've been skateboarding. A lot. And it has been fun. Not in the same way that writing feeds me, but, I am fed nonetheless. And learning to understand what had been a very dormant part of me, an athlete. And the full I get from moving my body is very different than how it feels to be satisfied by using my mind. And I had forgotten that they are both important and understanding this difference actually empowers both. 
I remind myself during times of nothing, that nothing is part of the process. Being stuck is part of the process. Just because we don't like it, doesn't mean it isn't necessary. And I am finding a small joy in being stuck. That there is something on the other side that I can not even imagine yet. It's just not ready. And forcing it never works. So it's best to surrender to it. Be in the nothing. Be stuck. Because the stuck builds the momentum for the future to unfold.

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