Human Design is a lot of fun. And really, it should be. But it can also be incredibly opaque when first learning your design. HD experts say that it takes about 7 years to fully live your design and trust your authority, along with learn to rely on the somatic response of your body rather than logic. And while this sounds like a long, long time, I do believe that it's true. It probably does take about 7 years. But, it is not an empty handed 7 year journey of trials before reaching this level of trust, self-worth and love. The journey begins right now. The changes and shifts begin right now. There are many benefits to learning your design long before you reach the 7 year mark. Human Design is a tool that improves your life right away. And continues to unfold, creating ease, clarity, and just a more pleasurable existence. Wherever you are in your HD exploration, the good stuff starts now! And I am here to help!
We all learn and integrate differently and these differences are important to consider when beginning your exploration into Human Design.  For many of us, the content is daunting and it is helpful to be guided along the way, step by step, as we integrate this entirely new language and skill set. And that's really what my readings provide. A closely guided exploration into your design with very clear and actionable steps to take to live in greater alignment, which really means to receive life as being a lot easier than however you've been living it. But not everyone is ready for that. Sometimes it is a good thing to dip a toe in the water before we dive right in. Often our nervous system needs this slower, tiny bites, approach so that we integrate instead of resist the shifts and expansion we are cultivating. 
Both are the right answer.
I'm excited to share that in response to your requests, I now offer even more options for discovering your design! Readings of course (my bookings for March just opened for those of you waiting to schedule for March, you can do so here) are available and brand new to my site are options to download your Human Design Chart and purchase a digital Human Design Guide Book. 
Wondering where to start? Downloading your free chart is the best place to start. The chart you will find on my site includes all the foundational information you'll need to learn more, along with deeper and more advanced guidance on Variants, Planets, Channels, Profile, and Incarnation Cross.  Feel free to take a look and consult your own HD book, look online for answers, or email me your questions. And if you are totally lost, sign up for a reading and I can walk your through it. If the new language and concepts feel uncomfortable at first, you are in the right place. It's a lot to take it.
Take it slow. 
If you are ready for more but prefer an overview to the foundational elements of your chart, a custom Human Design Guide Book is a great next step. I include a deeper more thorough version of these books in my Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Readings. It can be really helpful to have all the essential information spelled out in an easy to understand and digestible way and that's exactly what the Guide Book provides. I create each custom digital book just for you based on your design. Head on over to the website to read about what is included in your book. 
For those of you who have purchased a book, I offer a Sessions Reading. SESSIONS examine a current life challenge, resistance, or curiosity through the guidance of your unique design. Whether it is in preparation for a conference, work presentation, or new role, a shift in a relationship, parenthood, or curiosity about a new life direction or calling, Human Design offers a beautiful illumination of your gifts to call upon during times of change, preparation, and growth. In SESSIONS we discuss your unique design in relation to where you seek guidance and how to embody your unique gifts to find your flow. SESSIONS do not include a PDF of your chart or a custom Booklet. Sessions are the place to seek guidance and ask questions about your design and how to best integrate it as a tool. 
Let me know where you are in your HD exploration! What are you ready for? 
On February 19, the sun transits GATE 55, the GATE of FAITH. 
GATE 55  tasks you with the opportunity to contemplate the strength of your vision for creation and the trust you have or lack in the ability for your creative endeavors to come to fruition. This transit is really about TRUST and a calm knowingness that you have the power and clarity to bring your creativity to life. To believe in abundance and the limitless capacity of your creativity. GATE 55 encourages exploration into the spiritual realm of faith and belief via trust. Do you trust the collective to support your vision? Do you trust yourself to make your vision an reality? Do you value yourself deeply enough to allow your creativity to manifest? Do you trust god/spirit/universe to support you in the manifestation of your creativity? 
Journaling Prompts for this week:
1. Do I trust that my creativity will come to fruition? 
2. How can I deepen this trust within myself and also the universe?  
3. What do I need to shift or let go of in order in order to trust that my vision will manifest?
4.  Do I leap from thing to thing out of fear that me endeavors will not be realized? 
Have a great week exploring this transit! Let me know what came up for you! Comment below to share your thoughts. 
Dance beats please. I'm really looking forward to this full album release. LP Giobbi is super fun and is my go to for walks, exercise and yeah even skateboarding. It's a vibe and I'm into it. This is exactly the kind of music I want lifting me into spring. What have you been listening to lately? 
I hope you enjoy it too. Hit listen to get a taste.
LP Giobbi
Can't let you go
When we're moving
With the music
I, I, I can't let you go

You're the healing
Keep me breathing
I, I, I can't let you go

Push, pulling me
I'll be on my plane
That summer night, don't let it be
Lost track of time
Like when we were kids
You got me high
I don't want it to lift
Eye to the sky
He didn't answer
I think I could stay here forever…

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