Last week I enjoyed a lovely vacation. Being fully away from work is kind of a new thing for me. After years of running a product based company I spent many vacations communicating with customers here and there or doing back end work as orders continued to come in while I was elsewhere. Luckily technology made that possible, but to be honest it never really felt like I was fully stepping away from work. Even when I had handed everything off to someone else I would still get pings when I made a sale or had to reply to an urgent media request. It didn’t seem like much at the time, but after stepping away from work last week, I...

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This week’s essay is a little addition to the brand new JOY THEORY episode. Start with the episode. Then read this. It will make a lot more sense.    Part of improving my skateboarding this summer, particularly my kickturn, has been being open to feedback. As I mentioned in the JOY episode, skateboarding is kind of a feedback unicorn. Feedback here exists in the Safe+ Useful quadrant and runs smoothly, fostering improvement within the community. It’s magical as fuck and somehting I hope to be able to really dissect and replicate in other environments. Not everyone wants to skateboard, but can we all participate in feedback like someone who skates off a 73 foot ramp, right?     The feedback I received...

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