This week I  host for a THESE THREE THINGS discussion, Tulsa based photographer, content creator extraordinaire, and founder of Go French Yourself Creative, SAMANTHA RUBLE.

We talk patience, learning new things, and making time for what is truly important.

Patience – On days where I don’t feel I have accomplished as much as I would like, I have accepted that I’m doing my best every moment of every day and that’s always good enough.This is so hard for a creative! But being in the moment – I have learned to be more mindful in the simple day-to-day activities. Instead of worrying about tomorrow and things I cannot control, I have tried to focus on what I can enjoy in each moment of the present. Truly learning how to ride the wave and with a smile on my face.


Learning new things – there are so many things I have wanted to learn in the past but put up barriers. I used this time to study and take up new hobbies. I have been mastering French and becoming a better baker and an even more excellent cook! I have also been really diving into meditation and therapy!! Also finding extreme joy and passion in all of it! My good friend Katie and I have jotted down two happy things from every week and that has been helpful! 


Realizing what’s important – Covid-19 had helped me to remember what I am grateful for and honestly what I am not grateful for! I have really learned how to set boundaries that needed to be in place! Like I did not really want to go to that birthday party and that does not make me a shitty person. 

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