This week I host for a THESE THREE THINGS discussion, founder and co-owner of the Los Angeles based home fragrance company P.F. Candle Co. and co-author of book At Home with Fragrance, KRISTEN PUMPHREY.

We talk the multitudes of leadership, including multiple truths, change in small increments, and how to foster success as a  psychologically minded leader.  

  1. Both things can be true: 

This is a motto I’ve adopted in the past year to help push through some difficult situations. It breaks you out of black/white thinking and understanding every situation has shades of gray and nuance. It doesn’t diminish someone else’s experience. Their experience is valid. Say a customer is upset with their product and you won’t accept a return. If you’re just thinking you’re right, you don’t understand their perspective. If you understand that it’s valid for them to feel upset, but you have to stick by your boundary, it helps you process.


  1. Rounding Up to 1: 

Dan Savage talks about this in relationships. You don’t find “the one” - you find the one you can round up to one, just like someone is rounding you up to one. This phrase is helping me battle my perfectionist streak, where nothing is ever good enough and I’m very hard on myself, because I want it to be 100% perfect. I see this all the time where people don’t accept a solution unless it’s 100% and solving every single problem, but a lot of change needs to come through incrementalism. (Big fan of kaizen)


  1. “Do I have all the information I need to freak out?”


This is a Brene Brown quote. Essentially, managing reactivity to news, events, etc. Understanding that not every event needs or requires your response or reaction. Combating action bias.

Listen HERE, it's a good one!



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