Music makes my day. I LOVE all kinds. And there are few things that have gotten me through these last years better than music. Music is omnipotently available. Always there when you need it. Flavors the mood and allows you to try on the feelings. Music is miraculous. 
One of our favorite past times as of late has been discovering new music. With the swipe of a finger there are millions of vibes to lift you up and out of a funk. Or settle you in the feelings as the kids say.  I LOVE it when my daughter leads the way of discovery and plays a song she heard here that leads to another song she heard there to one artist then another. It is the sweetest trail of breadcrumbs to follow. 
Someone we have been listening to lately is SEB. It's a vibe and I am here for it. Sweet, smooth and a nice backbeat. SEB's music makes me feel content. And I like that. My favorite song is Seaside. You can listen to it here. 
I liked SEB's music from the get go, but listening to this interview on The Travis Mills Show has me really appreciating his talent. You can listen here. 
Vibe on.

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