JANA PARKER gets shit done. And makes it all look so easy. But she's the first to tell you that it's not. There's no magic potion. JANA makes a really good plan and commits to it. That's her magic. 
I first met JANA in 2003. We were both graduate students at San Francisco State University, sharing a handful of classes between the Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology program. And when I tell you these shared classes were sluggish, I mean I used to try and work the math for exactly how much those classes were costing me per minute. Whatever it was, felt like too much. As a group, we were beyond bored. My instinct when boredom hit was to tune out, or pass notes with Aaron, my grad school bestie. But not JANA. And this intrigued me. 
JANA asked questions. A lot. About everything.  If this class was going to be boring then she was going to use the opportunity to squeeze every single drop of knowledge she could out of it. While we were tuned out, her eye was on the prize and I kind of loved that. I wanted to know how she did that. How she did everything. So I decided to get to know her. And we've been friends ever since. 
My favorite thing about JANA is that she truly believes that everyone is capable of anything. They just need a sound plan and a little help. And this attitude is intoxicating to be around. Have a seemingly crazy idea? Want to run a marathon?  Move halfway across the world with no job and no money? There's a way to do that. And JANA knows how to crack the code. They are no limitations, it's just about knowing what works and following through. 
But also, you don't have to do it alone. 
You can listen to her THESE THREE THINGS JOY Episode here. 

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