One of my favorite things about hosting JOY is how guests discover the podcast. While I appreciate the merits of reaching out to big names to appear on the podcast to increase the audience, that's not how this whole thing started. And I want to talk with who I want to talk with. Social media followers be damned. 
Most guests arrive as a friend of a friend, which makes me incredibly happy. I feel like Kevin Bacon in the center of a psych enthusiast 6 degrees of separation. Or to loosely quote Ted Lasso, “I feel like I fell out of the lucky tree and hit every branch on the way down, ended up in a pool of cash and Sour Patch Kids.”
Had I been in the habit of reaching out to dream guests, DR. NICHOLS would have been high on my list. I was beyond delighted when he found his way to the podcast via a mutual friend. It was like our introduction already had a foundation of admiration. Hey, I think this person is cool too. And that's a big bag of Ted Lasso goodness. 
DR. NICHOLS is brilliant in all the ways and has the incredible gift of turning important and life changing hard science data into a beautifully woven story. His book, BLUE MIND is based on the rather simple scientifically proven concept that water makes us feel better. And not only feel better, but can actually heal us in ways we are only beginning to discover. His mission is to simply get people in the water. And it's not just big water. The benefits of water can be experienced just by looking at a picture of it, or listening to a rainstorm on the Calm app. Its effects are that damn powerful. 
These are exactly the kind of ideas that can change the world. Water in many of its forms are free and accessible to most. Whether it is splashing in a puddle, sitting near a park fountain, or mindfully washing your hands, being in the water is a mental health super power we can all deploy. And DR. NICHOLS is on a mission to make sure we all get the message. 
DR. NICHOLS is a guest on 2 JOY episodes, one discussing REJUVENATION and THESE THREE THINGS, where he walks us through some of the exciting research being conducted on how water will save our souls. 
Quite simply, he's the fucking coolest. 

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