If you've been following along over on Instagram then you've probably seen an uptick in Keanu related content lately. And it's been my pleasure to provide this simple request for you. I receive many a message about just how happy Keanu seems to be making us these days. So let's lean into that. There's plenty of Keanu content to go around. And if Keanu is a simple pleasure, then he's a pretty simple one to satisfy. More Keanu in 2022. 
I've been thinking a lot about what makes him just so interesting. It's clear he is gifted in the looks department. And he has proven over the years the has has got some serious acting chops. He's good at what he does and he looks good doing it. But there has always seemed to be more to Keanu than meets the eye. And after a deep dive on the internet I can say, there is a lot to discover. Here's some cool shit about Keanu Reeves you'll be glad to know.
  1. The name Keanu means cool breeze over the  mountains in Hawaiian.
  2. He is 57 years old and was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Raised in Toronto.
  3. He has written a comic book series BRZRKR about an immortal warrior coming to terms with his past.
  4. He's starred in 68 movies in 35 years.
  5. He likes to use the word shenanigans
  6. A short list of events that he has spent much of his life processing (taken from Esquire - great article). “Keanu has seen people disappear: his father, who wasn’t around; later, an unborn child, lost in the cruel randomness of prenatal mortality; a life partner, lost in a car accident. And his friend River, to a drug overdose, when River was twenty-three and Keanu was twenty-eight.”
  7. His co-stars consistently describe him as an intense listener with a razor sharp memory for details.
  8. His top 3 favorite films that he has been in are; The Matrix series, Devil's Advocate, and Point Break - I'm still in love with Johnny Utah and I've always admired the deep loving relationship between he and Bodhi in the film. It's complex and quite beautiful.
  9. He played bass guitar in a band named Dogstar.
  10. He owns a custom motorcycle company named Arch Motorcycle.
What's your favorite Keanu film?

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