I first met JOY guest MICHELLE PATTEE in 2002 on the second floor of a small well lighted photography studio on Miller Ave in Mill Valley, CA. I was looking for a wedding photographer and MICHELLE was one of the only photographers I could find who had a fine arts degree. And for better or worse, not having one was a deal breaker for me. 
It was one of those immediate encounters where you quickly realize that this person is meant to be a part of your life. I instantly loved MICHELLE'S confidence, intelligence, sense of humor and fearlessness. MICHELLE is fearless in all the ways. And of course her talent. MICHELLE'S photography is simply incomparable. She is gifted. For real. 
We became fast friends and MICHELLE continues to play a deep and meaningful role in my life as a SAGE. She has never given me a piece of bad advice and has never been afraid to tell me what I really didn't want to hear. The times I have been an ass, MICHELLE let me know and loved me anyway. 
It has been a joy to watch her evolve in life and in work. And in motherhood. God damn, she's a great one. 
MICHELLE is a guest on 2 JOY episodes, one discussing AESTHETIC EMOTION (it's totally a thing and it's amazing) and THESE THREE THINGS, which is like a masterclass in how to be a good human. 
Quite simply, she's the fucking coolest. 

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