I first received the book, Atlas Obscura as a gift from my husband, aka The Dude, when I started the These Three Things the project. It was a welcome reference for the early days, which were spent absorbing as many things as possible in order to reflect on and share three separate learnings at the end of each day. The book always brought a smile to my face and has become a fun little exercise in spontaneity in my house. Open to a random page and read it aloud. Always a new wondrous place to discover. I love knowing these places exist out there in the world. It makes me feel small and insignificant in a way that is welcome these days. 

If you are curious about beginning a daily practice but feel overwhelmed about where to start, START HERE. A daily practice can be as simple and joyous as reading a page from Atlas Obscura each day. Write down your thoughts, or not, but see how it feels to make a daily commitment to curiosity. The hard science says it's a gateway to FLOW. 

There is now a second edition, a wonderful website and a really great podcast, which I love to listen to on the nights where sleep is a bit elusive. I have linked to the book above and the podcast below. Let me know what you think. What's your favorite discovery?



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