A little over two years ago while lamenting over shut down via FaceTime, my good friend Bridget asked if I knew my Human Design. We were talking about work and she mentioned that understanding her design had made a really big difference in how she spends her energy. “Go here, type this in and then read it,” is pretty much what she said. A natural experimenter I knew I was game as soon as Bridget mentioned there was something new for me to try. I did just as she suggested and received a neatly typed booklet guiding me through this whole new world. I read the booklet in one sitting and then it sat on my desk untouched for the next few weeks. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Through an IG search I landed on a few Human Design readers who were offering workshops and tasked myself with the fun of learning something new just for me. This doesn’t have to go anywhere I told myself. What if I just dove into this because it was fun? And fun in the middle of the shit storm of the last few years seemed like the best rationale. One course led to another, a webinar, IG Live, all the things until I found myself talking to anyone who would listen about Human Design. If you asked me how I was doing, the first thing I would say is, “I’m kind of into this super weird mystical thing,” and then not shut up about it for a good 30 minutes. When the opportunity presented itself to join in an intensive Human Design Reader Training Course, I jumped at the chance. And here I am.
So what exactly is Human Design? 
For me that is a big question to answer. Many Human Design readers describe it as a science. As a scientist I'm not going to call Human Design a science. A theory, framework, idea, sure. But a science? No. Is there science involved? Yeah, sort of. If we think big picture, your Human Design is informed by birthdate, time and place, coinciding to a unique energetic fingerprint of sorts. Many refer to this as your soul, or soul purpose. If we are made of the same top four atoms as the universe - hydrogen oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen and the universe is science, then sure that’s a part of science. But in my opinion Human Design should be considered a purely mystical science. Or a theoretical science, much like Jungian archetypes in Jungian psychology. There is no scientific data proving the validity of these ideas, but they deeply resonate in the collective. This resonance is really important and valuable, but not the same as data driven hard science. Both are of equal importance, but not the same.
I think of Human Design as an introspective approach to self-discovery illuminating how we best make decisions, work together, communicate, and live with ease based upon our birthdate, birthplace, and time. A mystical blueprint rich with experiments we can carry out over time to be more in alignment with the natural flow of our energy. We all have our own distinctive path to success and fulfillment. Human Design honors your individual way of being and fosters appreciation for the unique gifts of others.  Most importantly Human Design is intended to be empowering and expansive. 
What I love most about Human Design is that it is built upon the idea that our bodies exist to be in service to us and our minds exist to be in service to the greater good. When we rely too heavily on our minds and logic to make decisions for ourselves, we ignore our intuition and the inherent cues that live within our bodies. These are cues that we are born with (acting on intuition is commonly seen in babies and young children) and unfortunately we learn to ignore them. A framework that fosters a reconnection to our body in this way supports relaxation, stress reduction, and ease. I also really love that the power and energy of our minds is best put to use to help others. That's our output. And that idea is really, really appealing to me. 
Human Design also offers the perspective that there is no separation in our energy put forth between work and personal life. Our life is our life. The whole thing. Pursuing what lights us up personally feeds our professional success in the same way that taking a class or building a specific work related skill can. It’s all connected and our energy is best served when we view it as a whole.
I’m deeply drawn to Human Design as a clinician because I have been searching for a beautiful and positive way to help people think more deeply about themselves beyond psychology. Human Design can be very psychological and of course I contextualize it that way, but speaking as someone who genuinely is lit up by guiding people one on one to discover new perspectives, I LOVE working with people as a Human Design guide. It is literally 100% feel good. Understanding your Human Design is about trying out a new way of doing things. A framework of experiments to play with and then ask yourself the question, does doing things this way feel better and yield more aligned results? The answer most of the time is, YES.
As a Newsletter member you have exclusive access to my Human Design reading books. They are now open for readings through December. Then will close and open up again after the first of the year. I really like autumn as a season to enter into this exploration. For many it is the beginning of a quiet time of retrospection and the perfect opportunity to really integrate parts of your Human Design. For others Q4 is the busiest time of the year and a great time to find ways to breathe through the quarter with more ease and fulfillment. 
Please read below the different offerings and mention at the time of booking your reading of choice. Also, if you are interested in MENTORSHIP, no need to book an appointment, please respond to this email with your interest. Payment for all readings and Mentorship is accepted via Venmo @Lisa-AndersonShaffer. Payment details appear when booking. 
It is an honor to guide you in your Human Design alchemy. I hold these insights very close to my heart and share them with great care and intention. I’m excited to offer several ways to work together to guide you in understanding a deeper, more energetically aligned self. 
A Body Graph is the first step in every Human Design experience. Enter your birthday, birthplace and time into my free Human Design Body Graph Creator HERE. Within minutes you will receive an accurate Human Design Body Graph sharing your Energy Type, Authority, Strategy, Signature and more. Feel free to review these on your own or search online to learn more about your unique design. 
Human Design readings offer a more in depth explanation of your Body Graph. Readings are 60 minutes and include a PDF of your Body Graph along with detailed information and guidance about your design. Readings can be performed on your chart or that of a child, or given as a gift. All Human Design Reading bookings are open to newsletter members only. You can join ALCHEMY, my weekly newsletter, here
Introductory readings are for those new to human design or new to my guided readings. Each reader has a unique style. My readings are very positive in nature, inclusive, uplifting and geared toward clarity, curiosity and experimentation with the goal of integrating what resonates within your design. 
Introductory Readings are 60 minutes and include guidance on your:
Intermediate readings are for those who have begun to integrate their Type, Strategy, Authority, Signature, Not-self, and Purpose and are ready to go deeper. 
Intermediate Readings are 60 minutes and include guidance on your: 
Advanced readings are for those who have integrated the introductory and intermediate aspects for their chart and are ready to dive into the more nuanced aspects for their Human Design. 
Advanced Readings are 60 minutes and include guidance on your: 
A specially priced package of all three level Human Design readings to occur with time to reflect and integrate your learnings between each reading. 
An opportunity to understand your Human Design in relation to your business. As a business mentor I offer my insight and perspective into the inner workings of your business, while referring to your Human Design as a guide for how you can stay best aligned in your work.  We approach challenges and aspirations from a lens of curiosity and with the overall goal of experiencing more ease, freedom, and effectiveness in your work. Mentorship is a long term commitment and occurs typically over the course of a year with a minimum of 6 month weekly or bi-weekly commitment. 
Send me your questions, I cannot wait to help guide you. 

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