F I N E   A R T I S T

Photography by Lisa Anderson Shaffer + Alice Wu

lisa  anderson  SHAFFER


Now showing at Rare Device through May 31, 2016

AERIAL explores the ever-changing and temporary truth of nature. Each piece in the series begins with the study of actual aerial photographs of the West Marin County coastline the artist calls home. Anderson renders and further abstracts each location as a three-dimensional fiber artwork formed by crochet, nautical knots, and embroidery. Each intricate piece incorporates delicate details, while removing the actual color and recognizable shapes of the location. Anderson’s sculptures depict small areas of ocean depth, erosion, and shoreline that take on their own beauty when isolated and abstracted from their original context. AERIAL captures a coastline frozen in time, as the original location may have changed or even forever disappeared before the artist has even completed each fiber piece.

Anderson’s fascination with the ever-changing flux of nature began when she moved to West Marin nearly 3 years ago. Surrounded by sweeping views of the nearby mountains while confronted with intimate details of a single leaf raised Anderson’s curiosity and heightened her sensitivity to viewing both perspectives simultaneously. AERIAL is an invitation to experience both the faraway and intimate details of nature all at once: “To not only see the coastline, but also each grain of sand, all at the same time,” says Anderson. “The same location at the same time on the next day will be completely different. Forever temporary.”