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This custom guide contains the joining of all the beautiful and unique energies that make you, you! I refer to your Human Design Guide as your ALCHEMY because it is precisely that. It is the ALCHEMY of these energies that can help guide you toward living a life that is the full expression of who you truly are. This book will guide you step by step:

1. How to best use your unique energy.

2. How to create the most aligned and successful opportunities for yourself.

3. How to recognize when you are on the right path.

4. Know when it is time to course correct. 

5. How to best make decisions.

6. How to best process information and work with others.

7. How to align with your unique soul purpose.

8. What energies you radiate out into the world.

9. What energies you take in and amplify and where you hold your deepest wisdom.

10. Discover your innate strengths and gifts.

Each custom digital book is created just for you and delivered right to your inbox. Your MY ALCHEMY book includes everything you need to begin living your design, including:

⚡️Your Human Design Chart


An in-depth explanation of your Energy Type, Strategy, Signature, Not-Self, Authority, Definition, and Profile. Including clear actionable tips on how to best use each as a tool in your everyday life to make aligned decisions, clear boundaries, and foster ease. 


A review of your Defined and Undefined Centers, illuminating the energies and traits that you share consistently and the ones you take in and amplify revealing your deepest wisdom. Including the Crown , Ajna, Throat, Identity, Will, Emotional ,Sacral, Spleen, and Root. 


An exploration of your Channels, the part of your chart representing your greatest natural gifts, illuminating who we are.

Thank you so much for trusting me to guide you on your Human Design journey. I am honored to share all that Human Design has to offer with you. Understanding your unique design is the beginning of an exciting process that will serve as a grounding presence for you throughout your life.

I create each custom book just for you. Please allow up to 7 days for email delivery