N A R R A T I V E   P O R T R A I T S

NARRATIVE PORTRAITS is an exploration of the objects we hold dear. The keepsakes we can't let go of, the one's that house our identity and history. In a culture focused on the extremes of excessive consumption and elitist minimalism, there is little room left for the sentimentality of heirlooms and our ties to objects from a specific time and place. 

Lisa Anderson Shaffer Portrait photography

NARRATIVE PORTRAITS explore the meaning we assign to these objects through stark visual representation. Captured in the artist's field guide style, each object is isolated for our interpretation and examination. Objects are paired with other objects as part of a family or group. Without an oral narrative we can examine the objects separate from their history and sentimentality to recognize the similarities that might exist in a group or family based upon the objects they hold dear. 

portrait phogoraphy lisa anderson shafferMuch like traditional portraits, NARRATIVE PORTRAIT sessions are available for purchase. Each session includes a digital version and a framed print of your portrait. Clients often request sessions to celebrate weddings, births, graduation, milestones, and remembrance. If you are interested in scheduling a portrait session or would like more information about the process, email Lisa at lisaandersonshaffer@gmail.com.