Human Design is an introspective approach to self-discovery illuminating how we best make decisions, work together, communicate, and live with ease based upon our birthdate, birthplace, and time. A mystical blueprint rich with experiments we can carry out over time to be more in alignment with the natural flow of our energy. We all have our own distinctive path to success and fulfillment. Human Design honors your individual way of being and fosters appreciation for the unique gifts of others. Most importantly Human Design is intended to be empowering and expansive. 

What I love most about Human Design is that it is built upon the idea that our bodies exist to be in service to us and our minds exist to be in service to the greater good. When we rely too heavily on our minds and logic to make our own decisions, we ignore the inherent cues that live within our bodies. A framework that fosters a connection to our body supports relaxation, stress reduction, and ease. 

Human Design also offers the perspective that there is no separation in our energy put forth between work and personal life. Pursuing what lights us up personally feeds our professional success in the same way that taking a class or building a specific work related skill can. It’s all connected and our energy is best served when we view it as a whole. 


Human Design can be incredibly helpful for everyone! As a psychotherapist, I believe that Human Design has a clinical application. For those of us who are big analytic thinkers it can be challenging to get out of our heads and experience peace and clarity. Human Design offers a framework to practice being more in our bodies, which is essential for flow and to foster creativity and ingenuity to help bring our big ideas to fruition. 

I especially enjoy using Human Design with my MENTORSHIP clients as a way to bring this ease and attunement to work and life. Human Design is particularly effective for executive leadership and work teams, as it not only fosters an environment where flow and feedback are possible, it also sheds light on how we best work, communicate, and collaborate. 

A wonderful tool for new parents, Human Design can offer direction on eating and sleep patterns, and needs that cannot be clearly communicated by little ones and older children who may be non-verbal and/or neurodivergent. Human Design also offers adolescents much needed agency and a sense of belonging as they test and integrate the parts of their design that resonate. 


It is an honor to guide you in your Human Design alchemy. I hold these insights very close to my heart and share them with great care and intention. I’m excited to offer several ways to work together to guide you in understanding a deeper, more energetically aligned self. 


A Body Graph is the first step in every Human Design experience. Your birthday, birthplace and time are what create your individual body graph, which looks similar to this: 


Human Design readings offer a more in depth explanation of your Body Graph. Readings are 60 minutes and include a PDF of your Body Graph along with a custom detailed MY ALCHEMY book illuminating your unique design and how to best be in alignment with your energy. Readings can be performed on your chart or that of a child, or given as a gift. All Human Design Reading bookings are open to newsletter members only. You can join ALCHEMY, my weekly newsletter, here.


Introductory readings are for those new to human design or those wanting an in-depth understanding of the different aspects of their chart. Each reader has a unique style. My readings are very positive in nature, inclusive, uplifting and geared toward clarity, curiosity and experimentation with the goal of integrating what resonates within your design. 

Introductory Readings are 60 minutes and include guidance on your:








Intermediate readings are for those who have begun to integrate their Type, Strategy, Authority, Signature, Not-self, and Purpose and are ready to go deeper. 

Intermediate Readings are 60 minutes and include guidance on your: 






Advanced readings are for those who have integrated the introductory and intermediate aspects for their chart and are ready to dive into the more nuanced aspects for their Human Design. 

Advanced Readings are 60 minutes and include guidance on your: 





A specially priced package of all three level Human Design readings to occur with time to reflect and integrate your learnings between each reading. 

5. SESSIONS $295

SESSIONS examine a current life challenge, resistance, or curiosity through the guidance of your unique design. Whether it is in preparation for a conference, work presentation, or new role, a shift in a relationship, parenthood, or curiosity about a new life direction or calling, Human Design offers a beautiful illumination of your gifts to call upon during times of change, preparation, and growth. In SESSIONS we discuss your unique design in relation to where you seek guidance and how to embody your unique gifts to find your flow.

SESSIONS are 60 minutes and meet via Zoom. SESSIONS do not include a PDF of your chart or a custom MY ALCHEMY Booklet. These can be purchased separately following your SESSION.