I’ve been slowly cataloging every single entry in this project, getting them up on a blog so that they can be shared on a platform of their very own. It's tedious work, but also very nourishing. Briefly going back through each entry, exploring the places my mind has been over the past almost 3 years is, well, humbling. I can actually see the opening of my mind happening over time. A disruption of the ego, a softening around the oneness of this whole adventure called life. Some of the photos in the project have needed a little cleaning up, and I have been adding my initials to each one as I've been posting the entries on my blog. While editing a photo yesterday, I was very much in the flow of the moment - Marion Milner called it the "oceanic feeling" long before FLOW became a sought after tech corporate culture ideal. At any rate, I was there, present with the work and really listening. As I moved things around on a particular image, my mind and body said, "that's it...that's where it goes. That's where it's right." I've been receiving this message when I work for decades. This has always been how I know when something is done. How it makes sense visually. I listen. But yesterday, I listened and I actively chose otherwise. The tension of it not being right, of the bitterness, or pungency of it being off. That's what called out the most clearly. I listened to the other whispers telling me that knowing where it goes and consciously choosing the other, that's what you've been working toward all these years. That's what makes the artist. It's big y'all. For real. And in one moment, all the practice, sketching, understanding, time put in, came to fruition. It always seems like these things happen overnight, or without warning, but I know otherwise. The act of parsing through years of these entries, the last few weeks has been a ritual. I have put myself here. In a place where I can listen. More intently than before. The lesson here is anything that's transformative takes time. That's the test. Can you stay patient, engaged, hopeful, when it takes longer than a minute? I think the answer is YES.

What did you learn today? Join me by using the #thesethreethings and commenting below with your own These Three Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.