1. "Yet that older more enchanted way of seeing may still pay dividends, as it does (to cite just one small example) when it allows Paul Stamets to figure out that the reason honeybees like to visit woodpiles is to medicate themselves, by nibbling on a saprophytic mycelium the produces just the right antimicrobial compound that the hive needs to survive, a gift the fungus is trading for...what? Something yet to be imagined." Just one of the many reasons How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan is infinitely interesting. Fungus is fascinating.

2. When you spend a lot of time looking for the answer to a problem that has driven you mad, remember there is always an expert who helps solve just your kind of problem. Just. Keep. Looking.

3. It had been about a million years since I listened to UGK Ridin' Dirty. It stands up.

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