1. Steve Madden. Holy shit, he's fascinating. Probably my number one favorite thing about podcasts is that I end up hearing someone's story who otherwise I wouldn't. I love a good conversation and Armchair Expert rarely disappoints. The Steve Madden episode was not high on my list, but after working on my new website today, I cruised through most of my queue and decided to give a listen. The entire episode is great, Steve is a pretty interesting guy and has lived a very dramatic life. He talks a lot about how he built his business and some of his best and worst business decisions. Good, good stuff. I'll save all the juicy details for you to discover yourself, but number 2 + 3 are my favorite gems from the episode.

2. "In order to win, you must let go." Steve Madden. We all know this is true, but I just love hearing the sentiment presented in a million different ways. Goosebumps.

3. "The gift isn't what you think it's gonna be." Dax Shepard. I freaking LOVE this quote. I listen to a lot of Armchair Expert and Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend and one thing that both Dax and Conan touch upon repeatedly in their conversations is exactly this. The idea that you will feel a certain way once you reach a certain fame, or achievement, or amount of money. And they often share first hand, that you don't. Being there and reaching those milestones is great, but the feeling that you promise yourself you are going to feel once it happens, never comes. Or is very fleeting. This quote was in reference to that idea, but I also see it as pointing to the premise that you can ask for what you want in life, but you do not get to decide the how and when. And often it is in the how and when where the true gift lies. So GOOD!

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