1. “Attention is prevention.” Dojo wisdom. At first this seems given, right?! But the concept has so much to do with how we regulate our everyday emotional experience. One of the ideas I would emphasize with my work with adolescents was, “name it to claim it.” Again, easier said than done. I discovered the best place to start with them and myself was to make that knowledge super micro. Becoming aware of our emotions starts really, really small. Like, super small. Naming the emotion is sometimes as far as it goes. I’m sad. I’m angry. We are quick to label the why and the what and often we are mistaken. But sitting in that uncertainty takes practice. A lot. So we go back to the beginning. The Freudian concept of being doomed to repeat ourselves if we are unable to do the internal work, so that we may notice. To be attentive in the naming of things.

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