1. A friend sent an old photo my way this morning and it brought back all the feels. When I first moved to California in 1997, I settled in with an incredible bunch of friends in North Beach. We drank together, ate together, played together and listened to music together. I’ve never laughed so hard. The photo was of the Dude and I from around 98 or 99. Seeing it brought back so many memories but mostly a feeling of deep gratitude. For all the laughs and all the fun and all the freedom. I had no idea when it was happening how special that time was and how much life in general and San Francisco would change. So glad we gave each other those years of adventure.

2. Ellen DeGeneres on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. Yes. And yes. And yes, again.

3. Will Ferrell on Armchair Expert. The story about the Staples Center nearly made me pee.

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