1. Mantra. Because enough is enough. Make me available for work.To the witches and the wolves, the stardust, and the gods, the universe at large. This is how I start my day. Make me available for work. As a mother, partner, artist, author, activist, friend. Make me available for work. On the days when it all feels like too much and I don't feel so useful. Make me available for work. To be grateful to those who have created opportunity for me and so that I can hold that space open for others. Make me available for work. To family, blood and chosen, let's continue to lift each other up so we can be available for work. There is much to be done. And I love that. And I love you.

2. I learned today that there is such a thing as a "plantation wedding." You've got to be fucking kidding me. If I had completely lost my mind and had zero understanding as to why this is a terrible idea, when I think of the number of people in my life who would be telling me exactly why this is a super shitty idea, it would be a pretty big number. In fact, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had a plantation wedding. I don't give a shit about them as people, but how is it even possible with all the people they know that there was not a single person in their life who was like, hey that's a really bad idea? Apparently people do it all the time. Knowing this gives me like zero faith in humanity. Do better, people. Just fucking do better.

3. I brought a plant back from near death this past week and it is making me feel like an all powerful sorcerer. Ha.

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