I’ve been thinking a lot about space. The time and possibility that exist between events. The space that’s not a catalyst, or an outcome, but the during, or the meanwhile. Generally we hate these spaces. Tune them out. Hope to move through them as quickly as possible. Until, we say.
Until is an interesting word. It’s a promise. It’s a falsehood. Sometimes it’s the truth but generally it’s a story we tell. This won’t be right until. I can’t do this until. I’m frozen until. It’s all just a story.
Part of my work is to acknowledge this space in between. The meanwhile. Put the until in the present. Time is time. Being stuck still spends time. There is no pause button.
Exploring this space deeply right now. This Chuck Close quote came to mind this morning when thinking about the idea of in between or meanwhile or until. It’s specifically from an artist’s perspective but I kind of appreciate it when applied here. "Inspiration is for amateurs - the rest of us just show up and get to work." Do the work. Find the work. Show up, even if you don’t see the use in it.

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