1. Today was the last day in a string of 4 weeks of homeschooling. It's been interesting. My daughter is kind of like trying to hold on to a lightening bolt. She's bright, explosive, and a huge amount of energy packed into a sharp and illuminating package. While I tried to hold on to how I wanted the weeks to go, really appreciating this rare amount of time we get to spend together without a plan, that's just not her. It was hard, emotional, and I pretty much failed at every turn. Still, today while I was thinking about the past 4 weeks, I realized that no matter how the days were spent, what was built and fell apart, it was still time that passed. Time that I got to better know my daughter, time that we got to be together, and time that neither one of us will ever get back. Everyone should be so lucky.

2. "They just drop it and go." - My daughter, explaining to me how bees poop, while eating breakfast.

3. "I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like 50 Cent. If they don't, they need to reexamine their life." - Again, my daughter, after spending the last four weeks listening to Q102 throwback station in the car.

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