1. “Yes! The springtime needs you. Often a star is waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolls toward you from the distant past. Or as you walk under an open window, the sound of a violin calls out to you. All of this is a mission. But can you recognize it? Or are you constantly distracted by your own expectations?” - Rilke. And yes, busted. Totally.

2. I decided on the hard days, the ones when motherhood seems like something I can just never get good at, to simply surrender to love. I know that I love my daughter. I know how to love my daughter. So, just love her. Trust that the rest will work itself out.

3. “Different is better than better.” Tyra Banks

What did you learn today? Join me by using the #thesethreethings and commenting below with your own These Three Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through.

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