Tonight's three things is just one thing, but it's so big I seriously cannot stop thinking about it. Mind blown. Science drops mic.

1. Think for a minute of the solar system you grew up making models of. The one where the sun is fixed at the center and all the planets orbit around it in a single plane. Now instead of all the planets orbiting the sun in a single plane, imagine them orbiting the sun on a bunch of different planes. Now set that whole crazy mess in motion at the speed of roughly 828,000 kilometers per hour. The sun is like a comet dragging the planets in its wake. The sun's wake is roughly 828,000 kilometers per mile. Holy shit. And by the way (if your brain is still in tact), a cosmic year also known as a galactic year is the amount of time it takes for the sun to orbit once around the center of the milky way galaxy. This amount of time is equal to 225-250 million terrestrial years.

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