1. The duvet. My husband routinely makes the bed after we wash our sheets. I do my best to straighten the bedding and comforter each morning, along with check for any dog drool or grossness. Yeah dogs can get gross sometimes. We went to the trouble of buying a king size comforter and duvet cover for our queen size bed last year after I continually “burritoed” myself leaving the dude with 2 inches of warmth. The new comforter felt better at first but then just never seemed right. It always came up short on the sides leaving a foot of empty duvet, which it turns out, is crap. We have been stuck in this acceptance for over a year. Until...the other morning while making the bed I was suddenly struck with an idea. What if I took the comforter out of the duvet and turned it sideways, then put it back in? Would it work? So I tried it. And fuck me if it didn’t make all of our comforter dreams come true. D’oh. The lesson here is to never forget the importance of a change in perspective. This stupid, simple, switch made all the difference.

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