My friend Bridget Watson Payne (@watsonpayne) has a new book titled, The Secret Art of Being a Parent. Bridget is brilliant and so is her book and it is sure to become a classic among new parents and caregivers. Today's 3 are a few of my favorite pieces of advice from the book.

1. "There is no magic wand."Hurray and fuuuuuck. And oh so true. Babies and little kids are weird and sometimes there is no real cause or effect. There is a lot of flying by the seat of your pants. Forever.

2. "Sometimes you are really happy but you just don't know it yet." Oh man, if this isn't the truth.

3. "This too shall pass." And it is always way too quickly. Cue me to ugly cry about just how fleeting each and every moment is.

What did you learn today?

Join me by using the #thesethreethings and commenting below with your own These Three Things. I want to hear what you are learning, laughing about, and living through."

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