1. Fuck you and your fucking wall. Get bent you asshole.

2. “No one at 44 teaches you how to be 88.” Ethan Hawke. So EH was on an episode of Armchair Expert and holy shit it’s so good. I really tried hating him after he cheated on Uma. I mean she was my 90’s goddess. How dare he! Still, I just can’t hate him. I love nearly every interview I read or hear with him. He’s intense and weird and smart and I love to hear him talk about his craft. There are a lot of gems from this episode.

2. “The pursuit of happiness. It’s the PURSUIT of it. The PURSUIT of happiness is happiness.” Ethan Hawke. It’s in the going it’s in the stuff that happens on the way. I love this, love this, love this so much. I’m super into the idea that life is really in the ordinary moments and how we show up in the millions of those. I’m not really doing this idea any justice here. Go listen to Ethan Hawke on Armchair Expert.

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