1. Last night I heard Bianca Gates, founder of @birdies speak alongside an incredible group of successful business women. While the topic of equal pay was being discussed, she brought up a very interesting point. She spoke about the fact that women generally do not talk about the exact job that we do and the exact amount of money that we make. She asked how many of us actually knew the exact job title of our women friends? She believes that it is in this open communication between women about exactly what we do and how much we make that we can begin to bridge the wage gap. I hadn't really considered this before, but I'm really thinking about it now.

2. @sethmeyers host of the Late Show with Seth Meyers welcomed a new baby into the world yesterday. He shares the incredible birth story with his audience and it's pretty wonderful. Only to be matched by the emotion, excitement, overwhelm, anxiety, and complete love of a dad meeting his son for the first time. It struck me as feminist to share the story with his viewers in such a personal and emotional way. The devotion to his wife and her power are evident. Google that shit, it's a good thing.

3. On this day in 1968 President Lyndon B Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act also known as the Fair Housing Act.

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