1. Dr. Martin Luther King's words, my daughter's handwriting.

2. When I hear people say, "It's difficult to talk to kids about race and injustice," I say, "So fucking what." Kids are hard. Any issue worth talking to kids about is hard. Addiction, mental health, suicide, violence, inequality, human trafficking, sexuality, body image, consent, misogyny, poverty, and racism, and on and on. It's all hard, but so what? Kids need to know that they can and should talk to us about these issues. And ask a TON of questions, many of which we won't have answers to. If they think we are closed off to speaking with them about hard things, who can they talk to? If it's hard for you, so what. It's harder for them. If you can't get it together, get help. Buy a book, ask your church, talk to friends, get help from your school community, just don't not do it because it's hard.

3. One of the best ways we can serve each other is to say to our kids, "You can ask me anything." Maybe that should be extended to adults too.

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