1. Tariq Trotter aka Black Thought of the Legendary Roots Crew did a 10 minute freestyle on Hot 97 Freestyle with Funk Master Flex the other night. When I say it was one of the most incredible things I've ever heard, I'm not exaggerating. Freestyle is an art form of which I have zero ability and 100% appreciation. I wouldn't even know where to start, how to start, where it comes from in the body, mind and soul. And I think that total loss of understanding of its birth in the body makes me love it that much more. Black Thought is considered to be one of the best and I think the other night he pretty much free styled the fuck out of the atmosphere.

2. My holiday season for Zelma Rose is coming to a close. Yesterday I finished off my last in person event of the year and it is always bittersweet. I'm exhausted, my mind is fried, but I'm also left with incredible gratitude. Gratitude for all the people that bought from me and my fellow women artists this year. To the new customers, and the ones who loyally come back for more year in and year out, and for the friends who have been following, coveting and adding my designs to their wish lists. I feel the love, I really do. And to the women who I share this stage with. The ones I have spend every weekend October through December working alongside, asking questions to, sharing ideas with, and gracefully falling apart in front of. You all set my soul on fire.

3. My daughter got her first guitar today. The rest is history. Actually, herstory.

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