1. Get to know Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the two New York Times investigative journalists responsible for breaking the sexual harassment stories about Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK and Donald Trump. They are helping destroy the walls of denial, protection, and patriarchy across industries. These woman are changing the face of the workplace for all of us. Jodi and Megan were interviewed by Terri Gross today on Fresh Air. Google that shit, it's an inspiring and fascinating listen.

2. Every so often I miss SkySports, Cupa Chups, Cadbury Dairy Milk, warm Guiness with blackcurrant syrup, music nights at the Punchbag, and the time Laurie and I hitchhiked to County Cork to see Pearl Jam. When I do, I put on my celtic ring, close my eyes and dream of Ireland.

3. Bono, I'll see you in May. I got my U2 tickets this morning and I'm already excited. Also, Bono appears to be growing his hair long again...which can only mean very distracting things for me. Yes, I'm obsessed like a teenage girl and there's something very wonderful about that.

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