1. There will always be critics. For whatever reason, there will be people who go out of their way to not only not stand behind you, but to stand against you. This almost always has to do with them, not you. So do you, be you, because they are going to be there anyway.

2. Upon deeper investigation of night time noises, what we thought were raccoons fighting were actually bobcats. Yeah, bobcats.

3. A friend who grew up in County Kerry, Ireland recently told me that when she was a young child, she remembers the busses coming from the North. When the troubles in Northern Ireland would return and everyday life would be less predictable and often dangerous, parents would put their young children on busses to the southern counties. The busses would stop at various towns and families would welcome stranger's children into their home for weeks at a time. I asked if the children went to school or worked and she said no. They just came to be safe and cared for. Despite my time living in Ireland I had never heard this story before. It hit me on many levels and I'm still thinking about it.

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