1. To know safety in your life is to be rich beyond measure.

2. Life is the constant sharp and searing contrast between overwhelming enormity and the smallest of small. Going from the devastating news out of Las Vegas this morning to trimming the crusts on the bread of my daughter's sandwich was like stretching across a deep emotional and mental chasm. The contrast is dizzying, maddening and also helps to save the sweet fragility of sanity.

3. It all matters. All the things. Every little detail. From the crust of bread to not liking a certain kind of apple juice. Motherhood reminds me of this daily. These are the particulars children teach us that we quickly forget. But these things matter. It all does. So we go to work when we don't want to. When the collective grief seems insurmountable and we continue to do what we do, no matter how small and insignificant we think it is. We do it alongside being sad, and angry, and terribly heartbroken and scared. We do it because we woke up with a breath and a beating heart, and that's why it all matters.

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