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1. Music is my memory. I fell down a music rabbit hole this morning which took me all over the place, including a serious trip down memory lane. When the Stars Go Blue by Ryan Adams is a really great song. It's so great that even when someone else sings it, and a lot of different people have, it's still really beautiful. The original version led me to a version sung by The Corrs and Bono and that led me to remember how popular The Corrs were when I was living in Ireland. It was The Corrs, Oasis - to the point of where there was a local Oasis cover band in Galway named No Way Sis, which still cracks me up, and then of course U2. Then I remembered that I saw Pearl Jam live in a small club in County Cork and that was amazing. All from one song. That's totally righteous.

2. Parting ways again. We are moving things around in our living room to prepare for some roof repairs next week. We spent part of the day packing up books and taking down art. I let go of almost every single one of my psych books today. I had kept about a shelf full that has been slowly dwindling through the years. I think I have been keeping them more to remember those years and the people that are dear to me than the actual books. The only ones I couldn't part with today, all have to do with art. I've never parted with a single art book. Somehow I feel lighter.

3. Full circle. Also on that trip down memory lane...not too many people know this, but the first time I made and sold jewelry was on the streets of Galway. There was a small farmer's market on Saturdays and I would set up by the entrance. Nothing fancy, just me on the curb with my jewelry laid out on a wool blanket. I managed to make enough money those days to go see Pearl Jam, travel all over the countryside - while hitch hiking of course - and add funds to a week long excursion to Amsterdam. Also, the jewelry was macrame. And hemp. Full circle?

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