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1. Time is a vacuum. As I near the year mark with this project I am keenly aware of the passing of time. To be honest it is giving me a bit of a twist in the gut. Thinking about all that happened this year, and all that didn't. What we have endured and welcomed, grieved and celebrated. Does a year really matter or is it just another way to quantify a number of days? I'm realizing it is up to us to determine the significance and maybe it shouldn't be a year. That's a lot of days. A lot. I'd rather think of our chances at a new start as a daily want. A daily resolution. Because that's really what it is, right? Maybe for some of us and at certain times, it's an hourly chance at turning over something new. A minute by minute hope that we can move forward with more ease than we did in the previous moment. However time is divided, it remains up to us to mark its passing, whether in large, enduring, long groups of days, or quickly turning moments, we decide. And that may be one of the few decisions we really get to make.

2. For all the practice I've had at being tired, I'm still really bad at fully embracing it.

3. Barnard College has an entire laboratory dedicated to studying dog cognition. Neat.

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