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1. I am slowly learning that most things in life are skills. No matter how easy or difficult, all skill building really takes is practice. Isn't that magical? Sometimes it is not about the improvement, or the getting better at something, but about a level of comfort, and both are the rewards of practice.

2. Sometimes it comes easy and that's valid too. I love Jay-Z. This will come as no surprise to some of you. As an artist he has inspired and encouraged me to give attention to what comes easy. There is art in the moments of ease too. I heard him in an interview once talking about growing up and being able to put rhymes together at a very young age. Because it came so easily to him, he ignored his talent and the excitement he felt around music for a long time. He thought that if it came easy and didn't involve lots of heartache, suffering, and hard work, than it wasn't true, It wasn't special. It wasn't art. For the artists out there, you know that sometimes the magical moments, the best designs, and the most splendid of paintings can feel effortless. They can feel like slamming your hand in a car door too, but there is equal value in those pieces that come from ease. And I just love that.

3. A friend recently told me that there are really only two emotions; love and fear. I'm going to let that one sink in for a few days. What do you think?

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