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1. Build something and then destroy it. On purpose. In a blaze of glory (insert Bon Jovi here). Kids do this a lot. Whether it results from frustration and anger, or just curiosity, children are constantly building things up to tear them down. This is a rich area psychologically, but even on the surface there is great freedom in celebrating the impermanence of something. Even greater freedom in being the one to decide when to strike the match.

2. I actually don't feel stuck right now. It's been a long time. Even as I write this I fear that just writing it will render me feeling stuck again. I think that's it. The feeling. We can never actually be stuck. For that to happen time would cease to exist. Which would inevitably bring on a whole set of larger problems than just feeling stuck. So maybe stuck is just a feeling then. Whoa.

3. There is such a thing as too hot. It's 107 degrees in the shade.

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