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1. It's not just the love. It's all that the love entails. When I announced to a good friend that I was pregnant with my daughter, she said this, "Becoming a parent was like watching my heart explode all over the floor. And there has never been a picking it back up and stitching it back in." She was right. It is very much like that. Love, deep and profound love of any kind is very much like having a very vulnerable and open heart. And it's not just the love, it's everything that comes along with it. Worry, fear, exhilaration, pride, disappointment, conflict, humility, and hope. And on and on. There's no stitching the heart back in, we just get better at walking around with an open chest.

2. "Our prayer is that we don't become a monster to defeat a monster." Bono

3. Educate yourself on what women in other parts of the world have to do to obtain fresh water. And then tell others.

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